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At ConickLaird we provide clients with a service which is personal not corporate, transparent not concealed, one which values independence and meets the wealth management needs and expectations of clients in whole, not in part.

ConickLaird is a wealth management specialist whose clients are individuals, their families, and sometimes their estates. Our function is to provide advice to our clients on all aspects relating to the management of their financial wealth. 

Our objective is to grow the value of our clients’ wealth over time through a combination of careful structuring, asset allocation, investment selection and meticulous reporting through our portfolio administration service.


Advisers at ConickLaird have been providing advice and service to clients for many years and are highly qualified.

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Portfolio administration

In partnership with Perpetual Limited, ConickLaird provides a professional and convenient portfolio administration service.

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Investment approach

ConickLaird adopts a conservative and traditional approach to managing portfolios designed to achieve long term goals and objectives.

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Why choose ConickLaird?

Points of difference

  • Separation of advice from products, investments and other services.
  • Personalised service offering, delivered via a team based approach.
  • Client relationship with the business principals.
  • Smaller scale allows customised advice.
  • Career commitment to our clients.
  • We act for our clients, not an investment bank or other institution.


ConickLaird advisers have been assisting clients for many years. These enduring relationships are sustained due to the trust that exists between us and our clients.

Wealth Management Advice

Our core offering is the provision of comprehensive wealth management advice. Please click here for more information.

Our Services

Key Points

There are a number of key points that underlie our service offering;

  • Providing genuine wealth management advice from a business that is not aligned with any major firm.
  • The qualifications and experience of Principals and staff.
  • The tailoring of service to clients’ requirements.
  • A relationship that spans a career.
  • Personalised service, delivered via a team based approach.
  • Separation of advice from products, investments and other services.

Core Service

Our core service, the ConickLaird Private Wealth Management Service, encompasses:

  • Initial and ongoing wealth management advice – giving consideration to asset classes, financial requirements and your personal circumstances.
  • Investment opportunities – ConickLaird access a range of investment opportunities via a network of relationships in the investment industry.
  • Custodial and administration services – ConickLaird have engaged Perpetual Limited to provide custodial and administration services.
  • Strategic planning facilitation – If required, ConickLaird will arrange and co-ordinate external specialists to provide you with advice on insurances, estate planning needs and complex tax matters.

Tax & Performance Reporting

Clients receive comprehensive income and capital gains tax statements annually assisting with taxation management. Detailed transaction reports are provided quarterly. We provide performance information allowing you to assess how your investments are performing relative to appropriate benchmarks.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Service

The following diagram illustrates how our approach might be applied when a comprehensive wealth management service is required. Some clients ask us to focus our service on specific components of this diagram.

Managing Your Wealth

When managing wealth all advice falls into one of two broad categories, investment related advice and non-investment related advice. ConickLaird will ensure your overall affairs are managed efficiently and professionally. Where external providers already exist or are required ConickLaird will work with them to ensure a cost effective, high quality solution.

Wealth Management Advice

ConickLaird holds an Australian Financial Services Licence. We are able to directly buy and sell listed investments and we are members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Portfolio Administration Service

ConickLaird have engaged Perpetual Limited to provide portfolio administration services to our clients.  The following information gives an overview of this component of our service offering.

The Portfolio Administration Service

The portfolio administration service removes the tedious administrative tasks associated with managing an investment portfolio, allowing ConickLaird and our clients to focus on investment strategy. With the administrative issues addressed we are able to focus on what to buy, sell, retain or transfer and through what structure.

Perpetual provide custody of your assets and administer all transactions. Clients are able to review portfolios with clear, detailed and consolidated reports – designed to be streamlined and easy to read.

Perpetual has the technology and processing capability to handle a wide range of assets. Perpetual’s investment administration capabilities apply to most types of portfolio assets including:

  • Cash, bank bills, term deposits, debentures and other corporate debt securities as well as government and semi-government bonds
  • ASX listed securities (including shares, options and unit trusts)
  • Managed funds (unlisted unit trusts), both retail and wholesale
  • Private unit trusts
  • Foreign listed shares

Multiple ownership structures, consolidated fees and reporting

Perpetual’s Portfolio Administration Service caters for any ownership structure. This includes trusts, private companies, superannuation or pension funds and individual or joint ownership structures. If more than one ownership structure is used to hold investments, reports are provided on each account separately and Perpetual also provide a consolidated view of all ‘family group’ investments.

Clients can nominate how accounts are to be consolidated and other related accounts (such as a spouse) can be included in these consolidated reports. In addition, there is the flexibility to specify how certain fees are to be allocated within a family group of accounts.

Comprehensive Reporting

Online Portfolio Service
  • List of investments: detailing the individual portfolio assets together with any transactions that have not been confirmed or settled by the institution at the end of the quarter (pending transactions).
  • Corresponding liabilities: details of any margin lending liabilities relating to portfolio assets held.
  • Accurate capital gains tax information for each individual tax lot holding in the portfolio.
  • Transaction Statement: detailing all transactions, income and expenses in the quarter.
  • A copy of the annual audit report for Perpetual’s Portfolio Administration Service.
  • Annual Tax Report: This report contains income and capital gains information for inclusion in a client’s annual taxation return.

Upon establishing an account portfolio information can be accessed online. The information available includes but is not limited to:

  • A portfolio valuation that is updated daily
  • Portfolio asset allocation vs targets
  • A list of investments held in each account
  • A detailed list of transactions

Investment Approach

Phase 1

The first step in our wealth management process is to develop an appropriate asset allocation for each client. Asset allocation is a term used to refer to how an investor distributes his or her investments among various classes. At ConickLaird we focus on the main asset classes of shares, property, bonds and cash.

Phase 2

The next stage of our wealth management process involves ConickLaird recommending specific investments within asset classes.

Annual Review

Once the initial portfolio is implemented, we administer, monitor and manage individual portfolios on an ongoing basis. This includes a formal face to face review meeting each year to present key information such as income, capital growth and total deposits/withdrawals.

Wealth Management

We have listed below some key characteristics of our approach to portfolio/wealth management

  • Conservative approach to asset selection
  • Desire for liquidity and price transparency
  • Preference for assets that generate income
  • Cognisant of risk management
  • Preference for traditional investments and uncomplicated structures
  • Focus on after tax outcomes

Meet Our Advisers

Oliver Conick

B.Bus (Fin), F Fin, CFP

Oliver Conick is a founding Principal of ConickLaird and is joint Chief Executive with Andrew Laird.  Prior to the establishment of ConickLaird Oliver was a Director at UBS Australia and held a senior position in the Private Client department.  Oliver was a client adviser and head of the Sydney office as well as holding a position on the country management committee.  Prior to joining UBS in March 1998 Oliver had been employed by the MLC group for eight years.  In addition to the qualifications below Oliver is a Certified Financial Planner.


  • Bachelor of Business, University of Technology
  • Certified Financial Planner professional qualification course of study
  • Securities Institute of Australia, Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets
  • Securities and Derivatives Institute of Australia, accreditation program for RG146
  • ASX Derivatives Accreditation Level 2

Andrew Laird

B.Bus (Fin), F Fin, CFP

Andrew Laird is a founding Principal of ConickLaird and is joint Chief Executive with Oliver Conick.  Prior to the establishment of ConickLaird Andrew was employed by Goldman Sachs JBWere and held a senior position in the Private Client department.  Andrew was a client adviser in the Sydney office and focused on high net worth individuals.  Prior to joining Goldman Sachs JBWere in January 1998 Andrew had been employed by the BT Group for two years and the MLC group for six years.  In addition to the qualifications below Andrew is a Certified Financial Planner.


  • Bachelor of Business, University of Technology
  • Certified Financial Planner professional qualification course of study
  • Securities Institute of Australia, Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets
  • Securities Institute of Australia, Certificate in Financial Markets
  • Securities and Derivatives Institute of Australia, accreditation program for RG146
  • Securities and Derivatives Institute of Australia, accreditation program for Superannuation advice
  • ASX Derivatives Accreditation Level 2
  • Australian Superannuation Funds Association, Certificate of Superannuation Management

John Laird


John Laird has over 30 years of experience as a consultant and adviser to the investment/stockbroking industry. Prior to this John held senior roles in Australian and global financial markets with major Australian and overseas based financial institutions and investment banks. John advises on a wide range of investment portfolios including superannuation funds, incorporating listed and unlisted securities in both the Australian and global financial markets.


  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Queensland. B.Com (Qld)
  • Fellow of CPA. Australia (FCPA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

John Charrington

John Charrington has over 35 years of experience in the investment/stockbroking industry, the last 15 being with UBS Private Wealth Management. While at UBS, John specialised in providing individuals, family trusts, superannuation funds and charities with investment advice. Following his retirement from UBS, John has been consulting within the investment industry in Australia and New Zealand. He sits on the board of two foundations and for ten years was on the board of a school foundation, nine of which were spent as Chairman.



To win and maintain the trust and confidence of those who seek professional wealth management advice.


To operate a partnership whose daily interaction is transparent, intellectual, ethical and which consistently meets the highest standards of client service.


To form enduring relationships with clients.


To contribute meaningfully to Australia’s well-being and further development.


    Oliver Conick


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    Andrew Laird


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    John Laird


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    John Charrington


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